Menu N0. 4

Oysters. Nouille Soup.

Aspic of Lobster.

Fillets of Soles in Savoury Jelly.

Fillets of Chicken, Tartar Sauce,

Galantine of Veal. Boiled Fowls with Truffles.

Roast Chickens. Ox Tongue. Pressed Beef.

Partridges. Black Game. Grouse.

Chartreuse of Fruit. Cold-water Jelly.

Neapolitan Cakes. Fanchonettes.

Compote of Peaches. Trifle.

Apricot Cream and Orange-water Ices.

Dessert and Bonbons.

Forty-five sat down to the table. Charge, 15s. ($3.75) Per head, including pint of wine to each. Long table, same as Nos. 1 and 2; but in addition to the cake provided by the bride's relations, and which formed the centre, we had six very handsome silver epergnes, and the flowers were festooned right down the table, the cake and dpergnes forming the supports. A pair of tinted doves were placed before each guest, one holding the menu in its beak, the other a few choice flowers. Table napkins folded like a large Lily of the Nile.

Menu No. 5

Consomme' a la Princesse. Puree a la Reine.

Homard a la Victoria.

Cailles farci aux Perigord.

Mayonnaise de Volaille aux Olivea.

Timbale de Pigeons a la Gelee. Supreme de Volaille a la Jardiniere.

Petits Bouchers aux Hultres.

Cfltelettes d'Agneau aux Cocombre.

Langue de bceuf d'ecarlate. Poulet roti aux Cresson.

Darne de Saumon a la Montpellier.

PatS de Gibier. Poulets bouilli a la Bechamel.

Quartier d'Agneau. Dames d'Honneur.

Compste d'Orange. Gelees a la Royal et d'Or.

Genoise Glace. Creme aux Pafait d'Amour.

Eau d'Ananas. Creme aux Fraises.

Dessert and Bonbons.

Fifty sat down to the above. Charge, 17s. 6d. ($4.25) per head, including pint of champagne to each person. The table was laid in the table d'hote room, and was most beautifully decorated with flowers and many valuable articles of glass and plate lent by the families of the bride and bridegroom. Noticeable amongst these were fifty silver ornaments, including cupids, shepherds and shepherdesses, doves, and other birds, for holding the menus, which were of white satin, printed in bright blue, but very small type. Table-napkins folded in various shapes, so as to hold a small bouquet of flowers.

Menu No. 6

Potage aux Huttres. Consomme a la Royal.

Salade d'Homard Monte.

Pate de Foie Gras a la Gelee.

Supreme de Volaille aux Truffes.

Pate de Gibier a la Strasbourg.

Roulades braise a la Royale.

Mayonnaise de Saumon a la Montpelller.

Petits Poulets aux Champignons. Qnails.

Gateaux a la Lome. Meringues au Cafe Mocha.

Grimes aux Ponche et d'Or.

Fanchonettes a la Creme.

Chocolate Cream and Cherry Water Ice».

Dessert and Bonbons.

The above was for twenty persons. Charge, 21s. ($5.00) per head, including pint of champagne to each person. This was served in a large private sitting-room, T-shaped table, charmingly ornamented with twenty little arches formed of flowers, under which stood a little alabaster figure, holding the menu opposite each guest. Arches were also formed over the principal dishes, these being surmounted by tiny white and red satin flags, bearing the united monograms of the bride and bridegroom. The effect was exceedingly good, and gained a deal of praise.