For nearly thirty years an annual game dinner has been given by Mr. John B. Drake, proprietor of the Grand Pacific Hotel, Chicago. The number of guests is usually 500, and they are attended at table by 100 waiters. For weeks and even months before the event measures are put in operation to get together every possible species of game, the result being as is shown in the subjoined bill of fare, which is a very good game list for stewards and restaurateurs to consult for available kinds. This occurred a few years back, when elk and buffalo were still obtainable; the list is slightly more voluminous than more recent ones, and the more useful for reference to so many kinds.

"To name the people present would be only to give a list of the most prominent and the wealthiest of Chicago's citizens and of the distinguished guests now stopping at this hotel:"

Blue Point Oysters in Shell.


Consomme de Vollaile au Praire Game.


Broiled White-fish Baked Red Snapper.


Ham of Black Bear Wild Turkey.

Leg of Mountain Sheep Buffalo Tongue.

Venison Tongue.


Saddle of Mountain sheep Lee of Black Tail Deer.

Loin of Buffalo Leg of Elk.

Saddle of Antelope Coon Opossum.

Loin of Venison Jack Rabbit Mountain Bison.

Wild Turkey Pin Tail Grouse Ruffled Grouse.

Virginia Partridge Golden Plover.

American Woodcock Killdeer Plover.

Sand Hill Crane Wilson Snipe Canada Goose.

Mallard Duck Pin Tail Duck Gadwall Duck.

American Widgeon Blue-winged Teal.

Green-winged Teal Shoveler Duck Wood Duck.

Scaup Duck Red Head Duck Ruddy Duck.

YVoodchuck Canvas-back Duck.

Buffle-Head Duck Cormorant Duck Dusky Duck.

Brant Quail Red Bill Merganser Duck.

Carolina Dove Ring-necked Duck.

Hooded Merganser Duck Spruce Grouse.

American Coot Long Tail Duck Partridge.

Red-necked Grebe Prairie Chicken Pheasant.

Butter-Ball Duck.

Hunters Home On The Ranch


Red-winged Starling Reed Bird Gray Snipe.

Blue-winged Teal Fox Squirrel.

Gray Squirrel Black Squirrel Grav Rabbit.

Jack Snipe Golden Plover Partridge Quail.

Least Sandpiper Butter-Ball Duck Prairie Chicken Pheasant Dunlin Sandpiper.

Baked Sweet Potatoes Mashed Potatoes.

Sweet Corn Green Peas Celery Plain Potatoes.

Stewed Tomatoes.

Ornamental Dishes. Pyramid of Game, en Bellevue.

Red-winged Starling, au Natural Aspic of Birds, a la Royale.

Pattie of Liver, sur Socle.

Boned Quail in Plumage Galantine of Turkey, with Jelly.

Pin-Tail Grouse, in Feathers.

Boned Snipe, with Truffles Shrimp Salad.

The Two Pets


Buffalo Steak, Mushroom Sauce.

Stuffed Venison, Hunter Style Salmi of Grouse, Port Wine Sauce.

Squirrel, Braise, Sauce Diable Deer's Tongues, Boule, Caper Sauce.

Frogs, fried, Camp Style.

Pheasant, larded, aux Champignons.

English Hare, with Dumplings.

Charlotte Russe Chocolate Eclairs.

Chocolate a la Creme.

Chantilly Cream, a la Printaniere.

Bonbons, assorted Fancy Cake Nougat Pyramids.


"The Wanderer't Return," - - . Abt.

By the Blaney Quartette.

Apples Oranges Pears California Grapes.

Concord Grapes Catawba Grapes Nuts Figs.

Raisins Vanilla Ice Cream Pineapple Sorbet.

Sage Cheese English Cheese Coffee.


" Tie Gay Pilgrim," - . . Mangold.

Lunch For 5,600 People

"Mr. William H. Somers, proprietor of the West Shore restaurant at Syracuse, was called on Sunday last to cater to the appetites of 5,600 hungry travelers, en route to the Odd Fellows' meeting at Boston. They arrived in detachments of two to five hundred during the afternoon at Intervals of half an hour, and were all promptly cared for. A local paper says that 'Mr. Somers, in anticipation of the event, had ordered the waiters and cooks all along the line of the West Shore to report for duty here. He had 225 people under his command, and so perfect were the arrangements that all moved like clock work. The service of a hot dinner was out of the question, but the tables were neatly spread with dainty white cloths and set with unimpeachable knives, forks and crockery, delicately cut, but substantial slices of cold medts, together with the usual accompaniment of bread and butter, besides fruit, tea and coffee. The stock of eatables consisted of 2,000 pounds of beef, 1,500 pounds of chicken, 2,000 pounds of ham, 1,000 quarts of milk, 2,000 loaves of bread, 500 pounds of fresh pork, four barrels of lamb tongue, 3,000 sandwiches, and 2,000 pounds of grapes.' About 1,000 bottles of beer and spirits and $125 worth of cigars were sold".